Liling Ceramics Expo

Two large scale tile will be on display along with two great artists Ryan Labar and Peter Johnson

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Craft: The Reset

Come see our work at the Main Gallery of Design Society for the exhibition Craft: The Reset. 2018.09.16-2019.02.19.!exhibition-craft


“From, In, To Jingdezhen; Eight Experiences” Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, South Korea

 Guest Curator: Jaewon Lee(professor, Michigan State University/ Ceramist)

This exhibition gathers eight visions of nine artists (seven solo artists and two collaborators) who, either through accident or by destiny, encountered Jingdezhen, the traditional porcelain capital of China, then made the city to be center of their creative playground and workshop. Except Wang Jian, a Jingdezhen native, the ceramicists in this exhibition first visited Jingdezhen to investigate, then revisited to work time after time (Thomas Schmidt + Jeffrey Miller of Recycled China, from the US), some stayed long-term several times (Felicity Aylieff from the UK), or even moved there to make that unfamiliar territory their home (Derek Au from the US; Lee Seunghee from Korea; Takeshi Yasuda from the UK; Jin Zhenhua and Zhang Ming, from other parts of China).